Snowball Workbook (Instant Download PDF)

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The physical notebook isn't for everybody and I get it. This downloadable PDF includes the same P.R.O. structure and clean and simple design as the notebook.

  • Instant Download - get started on your goals in the next few minutes!
  • Pages are 8.5 x 11in Landscape (more sizes coming soon)
  • All updates are free!
  • Paypal and Apple Pay accepted
  • Delivered right to you inbox in the next couple minutes.

This download includes intro and example pages to get you started and covers 16 weeks. Each week has: 

  • Four columns of goal tracking with five goal blocks per column 
  • A Weekly Summary section - capture what you accomplished 
  • A Week In Review section - identify how to get better each week
  • One pages for notes, but you're like me you take a lot of notes so print out however many you want. 
  • A high level 16 week tracker.

2 Versions

  • One where the week starts on Sunday
  • Another where the week starts on Monday.