Snowball Is Different

Most planners and organizers are the same.

Snowball is different.

If you look at most of the top planners and organizers out there they’re alike and have most of the same features. More often then not they’re: Daily planners, planners and organizers masquerading as Goal Planners, or Journals.

Let’s take a look at some of the common features and see how Snowball is different.



Them: Plan Your Day
most planners have calendars built in. This is cool because it allows daily planning of tasks and things to do

Snowball: Progress over To Do Lists
Snowball is broken down into weeks and focus on small goals for each week. This approach lasers in on actual achievements and not just things you have to do this week. It’s the difference between doing things and actually making accomplishments.

The week to week approach also allows for flexibility. Life happens and not everything plays out in nice 3month chunks. Bad weeks are part of it. Snowball allow you to pick up where you left off.


Week In Review

Them: So what are some things you can think of?
Some planners have a week in review where they ask open questions like, “how was your week.?” or “how can you improve ?

Open questions are a bit tough to answer at times and doesn’t really add any structure to what a review should be. They don’t guide you to answer the right questions.

Snowball: Structure For The Win 
A structured format for you to improve Track of what you did and accomplishments. Identify your Lifts (wins), identify your Drags (things that didn’t go so well), identify Lessons Learned, and develop an Action Plan.

Outside of a structured format, it encourages you to recognize the Drags. Being aware of what didn’t go well allows you to confront problems and identify solutions to improve.



Them: How do you feel?
First off Journals are for journaling and getting into your feelings and reflecting. Lots of Planners and Goal Organizers have journaling like sections. Sections that prompt you with open ended questions and reflect on your feelings.

Snowball: Let’s Hit These Goals
First off, journaling can be an effective tool for a lot of people, but it is not what Snowball was built on. Snowball is all about identifying goals, writing those down into small weekly goals, and building on your success week to week.

It’s not intended to be a journal and it doesn’t throw in journaling sections because that’s what others do.


Goal planning

Them: Write Down Your Big Vision and It’ll Come True
Some organizers and goal planners over goal sections. However they’re a bit shallow. They ask you to write your goal and list action items to get there. That’s about it. If life was that easy we would all be super successful and where we want to be.

Snowball: Snowball Effect - Hit Small Goals Each Week and Allow Your Success To Compound Over Time
This is the heart of Snowball so it’s not taken lightly. You can’t just write goals, a few steps to achieve them and expect success. Snowball encourages you to write structured goals that you can expect to achieve.

Goals are structured as the number of times you want to achieve it in one week. It’s time boxed and has a clear definition as to whether you met it or not. Each goal flows up to a bigger objective or why. This ensures your goals are aligned to a bigger mission.

Everything is based on a week to embrace the Snowball effect. Small achievements build on each other and creative massive success.

At the end of each week you do a structure review that allows you to devise a plan to improve each week.



Snowball is different, it truly hones in on setting goals in a way that works. It’s not a daily planner, it’s not a journal. It’s a tool that works with you to help you achieve your goals.