Below are a few videos going through how to fill out the Snowball Strong Workout Journal. 

If you already went through Week 01 or about to finish make sure to check out the What To Do After Week One article.


To start, set your weekly goal for how many times you want to work out this week. Fill out your calendar for the week to plan your workouts.


Move is all about working out and setting a small goal for each workout.


IMPROVE is all about setting small goals each day.


To get fit and strong, you have to watch what you eat. FUEL is all about tracking what your food and water intake.

Looking for a solid diet? Try the single ingredient diet - it's easy, practical, and healthy.


Getting strong and fit is more than lifting weights. It's important to take care of yourself outside of workouts as well. CARE helps you focus on four key areas for overall well being. 


SCORING is unique to Snowball. It helps you get a sense of how well you are performing throughout the week and from week to week. The overall idea here is to improve, not to be perfect, but to constantly improve.


It's key to take a step back and see what is working and what isn't working. REVIEW is the page for that.



A couple pages for you to take free form notes.