If you're here you probably bought the book (thanks, bestie!). In the book (PDF and the hardcopy notebook) I cover how to use it. In case you didn't I'll cover them here and then I'l give some examples goals to help you get started:

The Sections Of This Book


This is the core of the book - instead of simply checking off items you’ll track the day(s) you did them. This is super useful for tasks and goals that occur more than once in a week. At the end of the week you’ll have everything you accomplished, when and how often. This is really great to during the week to see if you are on track, and at the end of the week to see how much you accomplished.

For example -  think about all the actions you want to do daily - thinks like:
drink 8 glasses of water
exercise for one hour
Spend 1 hour working on my side business
eat tacos (if you want to eat tacos everyday more power to you)

Write each of them down and then shade in each day you did it. It's a simple and effective way to track your daily habits. Need a little help getting started? I got you with Goal Page Examples below.

Weekly Summary

This section allows you to get a glance of what you accomplished this week. Try to fill this out each day at the end of the day.

What Did You Accomplish  
Fill this in with what you completed this week.

Positive Vibes
It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the world we live in. One common trait in success is taking time out to recognize the positive. Use this space to write at least 1 positive thing that happened today. They don’t have to be anything big (“got a promotion today!”) typically they’ll be small (“had an amazing slice of pizza today!”) and that’s perfectly fine. Bonus points if you come up with two or three.

More on Positive Vibes

Key Accomplishments
Write down three significant accomplishments this week. It’s easy to lose sense of what we accomplished - this helps bring it back into focus.

At the end of the week you‘ll be able to quickly get a sense of what you done day to day.

Weekly Review

This part is important so don’t skip it. It’s simply looking back on your week and doing a little review. It helps you get clarity on your week and puts next week in perspective.

LIFTS -Write down anything that went well this week.

DRAGS - Write down things that didn’t go well this week.

LESSONS LEARNED -Not every week is going to be smooth sailing, it's cool - use this space to write down things you might have learned that can help you in the future. For example - I notice when I don't eat in the morning I tend to pig out later - make sure to have at least small snack in the morning.

ACTIONS -What specific actions can you take to help yourself perform better next week?

After you fill these sections out you’ll have a good idea of how your week went, will be able to reflect on short-term goals, and sets you up to prepare for next week.


All the rest goes here. Use this space for general notes, things you don’t want to forget, write down any thoughts, expand on the weekly summary, expand on your positive vibes, draw something, spill coffee on it, put some stickers on it, do nothing, practice your signature - do whatever you want here.

16 Week Tracker

You’ll see this at the back of the book and it’s a tool to let you track common things at a general level. For example, in the Action Tracker you’ll want to put specific actions - one week that may be “go to yoga 3x a week” and the next week it might be “go on a run 3x a week” - either way it’s working out. In this section, you would write “Working Out” in one of the blocks and fill in the corresponding square. Now you’ll get a visual representation over the course of 16 weeks how often you worked out ( or whatever items you wish to track).


Examples and Inspiration

The following are example goals you can use in your goal section. It's up to you to determine how many times a week you would want to do the goal.

  • Eat Healthy
    • Bring my lunch to work 
    • Only buy lunch on fridays
    • No Candy
    • No Alcohol
    • Cook dinner instead of ordering in
    • Cook at home 3x this week
    • Replace one cup of coffee with tea
    • Workout
      • Go to yoga 3x this week
      • Stretch everyday
      • Get a massage
      • Strength train 3x this week
      • Cardio work 3x this week
      • Healthy Mind
        • Read for one hour each day
        • Meditate 10 mins each day
        • Say my affirmations daily
        • Take a breather break once a day
        • No electronics at least half hour before bed
      • Work On Side Business
        • Spend at least 1 hour each day 
        • Outline the project plan for the next month
        • Update social media daily
        • Publish a blog post this week

      • Social
        • Go on at least one date a week
        • Text one friend I have not talked to each week
        • Try one new recipe each week
      • Personal Passion
        • Practice guitar 3x this week
        • Learn How To Cook 3x this week
      • Finance
        • Will only buy coffee 2x this week
        • Set price alerts for cheap travel and hotel deals
      • Family
        • Text my sibling this week to see how they are doing
        • Go to lunch 1x a week with a family member