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First And Foremost - THANK YOU

Yes you - thank you. It means the world to me that you’re reading this  - either you bought a copy of the Snowball Workbook or you're at least interested, either way I'll take it.

If you bought it, I hope this book can be as useful to you as it was to me. If you're considering buying it - I hope some of my story will inspire you.

Either way, I would LOVE TO HEAR about your experience and any feedback. Hit me up! cole@snowball.nyc or it can go down in the Twitter DM's

Started From The Bottom

This was the workbook I needed when I was constantly working on side projects - my music business, working on getting a promotion at my job, improving myself (yes, you yourself can be a project), and even this company.

It didn’t exist - digital tools though promising just didn’t cut it. Existing journals and planners weren’t quite what I was looking for, were created by people I couldn’t relate to, and empty platitudes like “be calm and smile” just didn’t do it for me.

Strategy And Structure

I needed something to keep me on track, hold me accountable and add clarity, focus and structure to my day.

Way before I knew I needed this book it started with a simple piece of paper I kept folded in my back pocket. I would pull it out throughout the day, scribble down what I had to do and tracked what I did. Eventually over the years I added, modified, refined - keeping track of daily actions, jotting down positive thoughts for the day, tracking my progress and adjusting - it evolved into what you have in your hands today. It became not so much pieces of paper with to-do lists, rather an action workbook that gave me structure and grounded my strategy to achieving my goals.

Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That

That evolution was inspired by tools and techniques I used to earn several promotions in as many years (back before I realized climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t for me), by the process I used to get in the best shape of my life, from what I learned during my time in the startup world and learning how they run so efficiently.

It was shaped by the discipline I learned to manage to have a mortgage, still pay NYC rent, fund my own company and still have money to afford a better meal than the $1 slice from the pizza joint on the corner.

It was influenced by living in NYC, the place where “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere’, right in the heart of the hustle and go-getters. It’s here where I met so many entrepreneurs and amazing people. Learning what made them successful helped shaped how this book is organized.

And lastly it was shaped by people like you - testing early prototypes and receiving feedback helped sculpt this into what it is today.

Snowball Effect

One common thread in my strategy was taking daily action and the snowball effect - small actions build on themselves and slowly turn into big results. This is core to this book. Weekly goals broken down to daily targets; daily targets broken down to actionable steps. It’s much easier to accomplish tasks and goals when they are broken down into bite-sized chunks.

Week To Week

A big part of the snowball effect, and what I learned from my success as well as many others, is focusing on micro goals. Having big long term goals is great, but ultimately having micro goals will keep you hyper focused and add clarity to the action you need to take.

This book embraces the concept by breaking it down into weekly intervals. Each week you’ll set a few goals - these obviously aren’t big monster goals - just goals you want to accomplish in a week. You’ll define the actions needed to achieve those goals, track your progress, and review to see what went well, what didn’t, and what adjustments you can make for next week.

What you’ll find is after a few weeks you’ll see significant progress.


So that’s the (brief) story - built from the experience of success, the learnings that came with it, built in NYC, influenced by startup culture, influenced by hustle culture, shaped by entrepreneurs and doers, and now in your hands.

And it's in my hands - this is the workbook I use every day to keep the success rolling. It's what I use to keep track on building this business.

I hope you find this as valuable as it has been for me - let’s get to it.

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