The Switch Up - Lessons from The NBA All Star Game

The NBA all star break is right around the corner  - dunk contest, celebrities, 3 point contest, more celebrities, and of course the NBA All-Star Game. This year they’re switching it up a bit and for good reason.


A Little NBA All Star Game History

In the past, all stars were voted in, so people like you and I, along with a committee, would vote for their favorite players to make the All Start team. The top vote getters from the Eastern conference teams made up the Eastern All-Stars, top vote getters from the Western conference made up Western All stars. 
This year it’s different. The top vote getter from the East is a captain and the top vote getter from the Western conference is a captain. This year that’s Lebron James and Steph Curry. Lebron and Steph take turns choosing which players from either conference they want on their team. Ever play pickup basketball on the playground - kind of like that.

It’s risky, change always it but from everything we can tell so far it’s working. Interest  is up across the board and this is one of the most anticipated NBA All Star games in history. And I love it, I think it’s a great idea and something that was definitely needed. The NBA All Star game was getting a bit old. It was predictable, barely a competitive game, interest was lacking, and it just wasn’t quite right. Yeah, people still showed up, everyone still had a good time, but it just wasn’t the same. 

Fan The Flames and Let The Drama Begin

Now they get a bit mixed up, questions arise, and drama will ensue. A few reasons why:

-The last player picked is definitely going to feel like they have to prove themselves. 

-If you're Lebron and Steph, what does that mean if you don’t pick your teammates? Are you snubbing them? How does that play out on the court?

-If you play against a teammate, do you try to outshine them?

-What if Lebron picks players from a rival team? Do they even play well together? Maybe even sabotage each other. Who knows


Back To How It Was Supposed To Be

In any event the competitiveness instantly goes up, level of play goes up, entertainment value goes up. It makes it a better game for everyone and it gets back to the roots of what the All Star Game is supposed to be - a game with the best talent in the world playing their best.


Sometimes You Have To Switch It Up

The NBA realized they were in a rut. It was hard to see - people still showed up to the game, but overall interest was waning. But they did have signals telling them things needed to change - not selling out immediately, fan feedback, overall play and pace of the game, to name a few. They knew they had to change something and shook things up to get back to the roots.

In life, we often find ourselves in a rut - whether at a job, the gym, a relationship - and they can be hard to see. There’s a lot of signals telling us everything is working. Unfortunately we don’t have objective feedback like the NBA to review and make a decision on. But we do have something more powerful int the form of gut feelings. These feelings are signals telling us something is not right and are the most important signals you can listen to.  It's what Malcolm Gladwell discussed in his book Blink.

And we can also track our behavior, thoughts, and actions. Keep tracking and do a review to see

Take heed of those gut feelings, recognize what’s not working and make a change. If nothing changes, nothing changes. It’s always uncomfortable to make change but it’s necessary to continue to grow and thrive.


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