The Brodie Rule aka Believe In Yourself and Go HAM

The Brodie Rule

Sometimes you gotta go Brodie. When people doubt you, your view leaves you, no one believes in you, your support bails. You gotta go Brodie.

You ever see Russell Westbrook play? dude is a beast, I mean look at this:

Last year he averaged a triple double - I don't know if you understand what that means but it's INCREDIBLE AND ONLY ONE OTHER PERSON IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE NBA HAS EVER DONE SUCH A THING AND THAT WAS BACK IN THE 60's! Shout out to Oscar Robertson

They doubt you - you have to go Brodie.

So what's this have to do with anythings and why do you keep telling me I have to go Brodie?!?!

A brief history lesson. Russell Westbrook once a team with a couple superstars - James Harden and Kevin Durant. I mean this team had 3 of THE BEST PLAYERS IN NBA HISTORY ON THE SAME TEAM! I won't get into the details but Harden and Durant left.

That ridiculously good team now just had Russell Westbrook and a supporting cast. What did Russell Westbrook do? Did he complain? Sulk? Demand a trade?

Nope, he went full Brodie.



Ok dude tell me what Brodie is.

Brodie knew he was a beast. Knew what he was capable of. People doubted him, didn't think he can be an all star player who can carry a team. No one thought so, except one person - Brodie.

And Brodie started doing Brodie things. I'll spare all the details but the goat Michael Jordan (ever hear of him?) had this to say about Brodie:

“Thirty years ago, that's me. The attitude, trying to prove myself. Showing so much passion for the game of basketball. You see it in his play. You can tell he loves the game. He plays with energy and flair.”


Every now and then we find ourselves by ourselves. We have ideas thoughts, dreams, goals, aspirations and we're the only one who believes in them. Others doubt you. Tell you you're crazy. Tell you you can't do it. They bail. No support from them. They leave you on your own to fend for yourself. They might have even been there for some of your success and left when they saw you were doing good. Maybe they got jealous and didn't want to see you shine anymore. So they put it in your head, tell you you're no good, tell you you can't do it. You're too young, not skilled enough, need more experience, you don't get it. They talk and gossip behind your back.

And now you have a choice.

Get sad, mad, frustrated. Blame them. Blame others. Complain. Talk about them.

Or say fuck it and go full Brodie.

Put up 40 shots a game. Demand the ball. Score on will. Operate in a higher gear than anyone else. Prove them all wrong. Prove yourself right. Be relentless and vicious in your pursuit of your goals. Go hard. Go HAM. Get in a zone you never been in before. Find that passion, that energy and push yourself. Surprise yourself. Dig deep and make it happen.

Go Full Brodie.

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