Positive Vibes

There's a section in the SNOWBALL workbook called Positive Vibes. The point of this is to write down three positive things that happened that day. Can be anything, small or large.

Maybe you had a slice of pizza that was the best pizza you ever had, that counts. Mmmmmmmm pizza


(sidenote: Dontatello is my favorite turtle, but Mikey's pretty cool too) 

Maybe as soon as you got to the subway, the train was arriving (love it when that happens, in fact it happened today so I'm going to - you guessed it - write it down as one of my positive vibes).

Maybe it's something huge like you got engaged - you better write that one down.

Or it could be a good conversation with a coworker, that counts too.

Cool, super awesome oh so great -  but what does this section have to do with anything?
I believe a lot in taking care of yourself and making your health a priority. This doesn't just mean physical health but also mental health. Health is wealth and how you prioritize your health plays into defining who you are as a person.

Happy mind, happy body happy spirit all that jazz.

I read the book The Happiness Advantage and in it the author details how writing three positive things that happened you train yourself to be happier. And studies show that it works. Awesome.

In a nutshell it trains your brain to scan the world for the positives. The more often you see positive, the more they show up.

It sucks but too often in our world we are bombarded with negatives and taught to look for negatives. Kind of screws with ya head. So if we reverse this, and train ourselves to look for the positives, we see more positive.

Think of this as rewiring your brain to be more happy and to sprinkle in some more happiness.

And who doesn't want more positivity in their life??


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