Goals and Grinding - What Fortnite Taught Me About Motivation

Soo...you heard of this game Fortnite by now right? If you're into pop culture or if you're into video games you have. This game has take off since it’s release in October 2017 - since then they have made over $1 Billion - that’s insane!!! And I'm sure they surpassed whatever goals they had.

I'm on the Fornite train and even helped contribute to the 1 billy. What can I say, I couldn’t resist paying for the Dark Bomber skin and the Llama Bell emote.

If you haven’t played it’s an amazing game. 100 people drop into a large map and it becomes your team of four against every other team of four. Or you can play Duos, go Solo (everyman for himself) or play the chaotic but fun 50 vs 50 (bring it back you cowards!).

So anyways I play a lot. I’m decent at it. For the longest time I would hop on and play random modes. The limited time fun modes most of the time because of how intense and crazy they get. But I wouldn’t pay too much attention to all the other info outside of the game. I’d hop in, play some games, hope to rack up some eliminations, and get a couple wins.

That outside info included:

  • Different levels of ranking
  • Challenges: you go around the map completing specific missions to earn rewards
  • Battle Pass: expedites how fast you earn your rewards (things like new dance moves and skins)
  • You’re level - based on how well you perform in the games

Again, never paid too much attention to all the extra stuff there. I usually would log on, play a game for the fun of it and try to get a Victory Royale.

That was until I started playing with my nephew.

First - my nephew is 11, lives in Rhode Island and I live in NY - so I love that we can bond and kick it over PS4 playing Fortnite.

Part of winning in Fortnite is having the right strategy and sticking to it. When I started playing with him I noticed he always wanted to do the Challenges.

A bit About Challenges

Every week they issue challenges. An example of some challenges are:

  • open a certain number of treasure boxes scattered throughout the map
  • Get a certain number of eliminations with a specific type of weapon
  • play a game with a friend
  • Visit a specific location in the map.
  • Get a certain number of eliminations with a specific gun

Those are a few, they change every week

My nephew was always so amped to complete the challenges. He was playing it completely different than how I was - but he was way more invested and I loved it.

Goals and Challenges

The challenges gave him a specific goal, to complete in a certain time frame (one week). There was a clear payout (you get Reward Points and New Dance moves - again - the dance moves are major in this game).

It was super motivating to him and gave him clear guidance on how to approach each game. Here I was playing no structure, going about the game how I wanted not improving. I was enjoying playing with loose structure.

But my nephew was not only enjoying playing. He was getting better, feeling challenged, and had more enthusiasm and structure. He didn’t play, he would, as he says “Grind on these challenges”.

All because he leveraged the power of challenges.

So I started to look at the challenges and thought: what if I tried to complete the challenges? And man it completely changed the way I played the game.

Like my nephew I was super focused on completing the challenges and I loved it. It drove and pushed me.

They key is the game was still fun without the challenges. It wasn’t a game I didn’t enjoy that I tried to layer on some challenges to force myself to enjoy. It was something that interested me to begin with.

That’s the key with goals - it’s cool to have them. But you need to have interest in your goals and interest in what you'll achieve with your goals. Whether for fun, health, or practicality (saving money and not blowing your paycheck).

Two Key Ingredients To Having Goals

So from here I would say there are two key takeaways:

1. Set challenges or goals for yourself each week

  • This will drive you and help push yourself. If you use the Snowball Goal Planner or a pen and pad, start each week with a few challenges that will level your game up.

2. Make sure you’re doing something interesting to you.

  • This is important. If you don’t want to do what you are doing, you’re not going to do it. No tool, process, weird trick, or lifehack is going to get you to keep doing it.
  • But don’t confuse a lack of motivation for not wanting to do something. Somedays we lack motivation but we need to find a way to keep pushing through. Some challenges my nephew didn’t want to do because they were boring. But he wanted to be a better Fortnite player and level up his game so he did them. Sometimes you don’t want to go to the gym. But if you want to be healthy you’ll get to it. If you’re doing for silly vanity reasons and you want to look good on the gram, you don’t want to do it and you won’t.

Hope this helps a bit - stay crushing those Challenges!


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