Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I'm Not Happy Here And I Didn't Even Know It

When I first started way back when working a 9-5 I had a lot of time after work, so what does a 20 something single male do in his free time? Get ripped and jacked of course.  A few thousands squats, pull-ups and protein shakes later I was a muscle bound man who’d put your face in the sand. So naturally I decided to get a motorcycle, because, well, um, motorcycle.

And then I crashed said motorcycle.

I Was Comfortable but Not Happy

Months later - no more cast, road rash healed up, and one separate shoulder not so separated anymore I’m back to the gym. But man it’s boring AF. That’s when I realized I was doing this out of habit, it was comfortable but I wasn’t happy and that was messing with my positive vibes. I just did it because it's what I did. I’ve been eyeing this Kickboxing gym but was afraid to go - what if I get hurt, what if I get black eye, I can’t show up to work like that, what if I suck, blah blah blah. 

I walked in and there’s some tough dudes in there. Ah shit what did I get myself into. Yeah I can bang out 20 pull-ups but I couldn’t throw punch at all. The nerves kicks in, the worry, who cares months ago I jumped on a crotch rocket and hurled by cars and trucks in what is by far 1000 times more dangerous. 

But fuck it, I’m here and I committed, time to go full brodie. One hour later I had the best work out and I kept going back and glad I didn’t let the nerves stop me. After a year or so I was the bad ass mofo throwing hurricane kicks and 12 hit combos. 


Trying kickboxing put me out my comfort zone. I was nervous, felt uneasy, had butterflies, came up with a million excuses not to do it, but finally pulled the trigger and now I feel really dumb for letting all those worries slow me down before - I love kickboxing, it's the perfect workout for me and wish I did it sooner.  

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

If you’re totally 100% cool with the way your life is, awesome - don’t change. If you want to see change you gotta get out of your comfort zone and try something new. That could mean major life changes like starting a new job, or moving to the other side of the country, buying a motorcycle, but can even mean smaller changes like starting a new exercise regimen like kickboxing or cutting back on coffee. 

In any case when you get out your comfort zone you’re going to feel uneasy, butterflies, nervousness, fear, you’re going to have second thoughts,   - all those are things you shouldn’t, well fear, but embrace.  More often than not, like 99.9% of the time you’re going to look back and say “that wasn’t that bad, why was I tripping out so much- what was I stressing and worrying about, I wish I did this sooner.”


Top 3 Reasons Why Getting Out Your Comfort Zone Is Good For You

Getting out of your comfort zone is great and here's three reasons why:

1. Helps Us Grow

When you step out your comfort zone and try new things you're putting yourself in a situation you never been in before. It's new ground your covering which means new skills to learn, new experiences to have, new info to learn. You adding to who you are and growing. This is a good thing.

2. You'll Discover Your Superpowers 

When you're in these new situations you're going to find parts of yourself you didn't know about. This good could be courage in the face of fear, the amount of willpower you have, perhaps you do something new that taps into a sense of creativity you never knew you had. Either way you'll tap into a part of yourself unknown and find yourself like a superhero who just discovered awesome new superpowers.

3. Build A Track Record Of Confidence

This is simple - when you have new achievements you feel good about it, great even. The feeling of tackling fear is an awesome feeling and that's what you experience when you jump out the comfort zone. Repeatedly do this and you have a track record of confidence. You can look back at a number of times and see when you strived and overcame worries and doubts. So next time you're a bit concerned you can always remind yourself of all the times you overcame these worries before.


    Stay tuned for Top 5 ways get Uncomfortable and feel Comfortable Doing It.



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