Energy You Get Is The Energy You Created

In a week I completely changed - from happy to cloudy thoughts. I couldn't believe it. What was going on? Was it my diet? Do I need to work out more? Am I sick?!

When I started using the positive vibes section I was going H.A.M. earlier this least 3 positive vibes a day, I was killing it day in and day out. Stayed on top of it.

And I noticed I started having way more positive thoughts and my general outlook was happier. I mean I'm generally a positive guy but I was a bit extra positive - a little extra pep in my step, more glide in my stride.

And I noticed I didn't have as many negative thoughts - worries, fears, frustrations, and generally dwelling on things that would bother me. They wouldn't even enter my mind. 

Negative Thoughts Started To Creep In

Life got kind of crazy and I forgot to fill out the book for a week or so (hey it happens to the best of us


In the back of my head I knew I needed to get back to it, somehow I put it off for a few days.  I'll do it tomorrow - said that several days in a row.

And then I started having a few of these nagging thoughts. Worrying about people and things and meetings I had...random stuff started to stress me out. I'd think about things that happened in the recent past and dwell on it.

At first I'd catch myself and be like "whoa, whoa whoa! why am I even thinking about this, I'm bugging" and I'd ignore them, not think too much about it.

And it would happen again and again. And I'd shrug it off. And again it would happen. Shake it off - start thinking about things I'm looking forward to. Then it would happen again and again and forget just shaking it off I was Harlem Shaking these negative thoughts off


until I was like "son! what is going on - why am I even thinking this way?"

I'm On That Positive Energy Wave

And it hit me I stopped tracking my positive vibes. For those of you new to this the positive vibes section was added based on research that says if you write down 3 positive things each day, no matter how big or small, you become happier.

You train your brain to see the positive in the world. And in a world that is constantly bombarded with negative influence it's much needed.

I realized I needed to get back to tracking the positives. Simply jotting down three positive things kept that pep in my step.

It Only Takes One Minute A Day To Write Down Three Positive Thoughts For The Day.

See that was the energy I was putting out (or not putting out in this case). I was not focusing on positive things. I was letting the negative things invade my space, and it got all up in my space,  and I was responding with negativity.

As such I was only seeing negative things and letting those things take up my time and energy. The negative focus I put out came right back.

The energy I put into seeing and focusing on the negative came right back to me.

When I started tracking the positives, sure enough happy smiling Cole came right back.

The energy I put into seeing and focusing on the positive came right back to me.

Positive Vibrations attract Positive Vibrations - We Are All Energy

The universe is made up of energy. This is wild but even the molecules that make up our body are traceable to stars - the universe is in us,  and we're all connected. It's cool man - we're part of the universe, literally.

Another thing I know is vibration attracts like vibration. You vibrate at a certain energy and that's what you attract. Vibrating positive energy attract positive energy. As such, negativity attracts negativity.

When you put out the positive vibes, operating at a high positive frequency, you get that right back. So you can't put out bad vibes - pessimism, hating, jealous, feeling like a victim - and expect all the good stuff to come to you. Energy you get is the energy you created.

When you think about it, it's kind of dope. You have way more control of your life than you think. You can put out positive thoughts, be positive, and that's what you'll start to attract. You can control the life experiences you have. That's hot.

And it's all a choice. You get to choose. You have control. The energy is there it's up to you raise the frequency and keep it high.



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