Brain Dump

Ever feel like you have a million things floating around in your head.

A zillion things to do and don't know where to start? Yeah, happens to all of us and has us feeling like:


Here's what you do - take a piece of draw three columns and label them "Must" . "Important", and "Other". 

1. Must - things you absolutely have to get done.

2. Important - things you want to and perhaps should get done.

3. Other (all the other things that you may want to get done.

Or even number them 1, 2,3  with 1 being the most important. Then write everything you need to get done in one of the three buckets depending on which on it falls in.

What most people feel is just writing things down and getting them down on paper is a great relief. Now, what's even better is prioritizing those things so you can start to focus. Once you get everything out and prioritized it feels a bit more like : ahhhhhhhh. 

Need a little help to get started? I've a Brain Dump Worksheet ready for ya. It's part of the Productivity Like A Pro Package - a collection of downloadable worksheets that use the P.R.O. principles to help you become more productive. Simply sign up on this page and I'll send it to your inbox!

You can relax now and start to knock off those items one by one - start with the Musts!



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