Be The Giraffe - Have Vision and Take Action

Back In The Day

I remember way back in the day I was watching Michael Jordan play (like I said…BACK in the day) and he pulled off this crazy layup - he jumps up, ball in one hand, and , almost like gravity took a time out, in mid air he switches hands and lays it up with the other hand. (you probably seen this in a Gatorade commercial somewhere).

Man was I was blown away. As a kid with hoop dreams all I could think about was doing that move in a game and I kept visualizing it myself doing it - and spent countless hours practicing it - until one day I pulled it off in a pick up game. I sucked at it at first but once I pulled it off , boy you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Jordan himself.

Little did I know that was my first taste at visualizing something into reality. Now I’m not saying because I saw it in my head I instantly was able to do it - nope, that’s not how it works. It was all the practice, day in, day out that led to that. But without the visual in my head, the north star, it would have never happened.

Nowadays I don’t have the hang time for all that so I’m doing way more no look Magic type passes.


The Importance of Vision

Vision acts as your GPS, it helps you navigate the world. It allows you to plan since you have a sense of where you want to go. It gives you clarity and helps you take action. Without a clear picture of where you want to go, how do you know what to do?

Criteria for your Vision

So - what are the things a vision should cover? I like to think it should meet these three points:

Be Big

Not big like impossible big and I don’t even know where to start big, but big like, “oh man, that scares me a little but also kind of gets me going.”

Be Actionable

If you’re vision is vague or too big, or too generic and doesn’t really leave you with a clear action you’re doing it wrong. So if your vision is “World Peace” - well, how do you even begin with that? It’s too vague.

But if it’s more like “ I see my community as one that’s informed on the issues it’s facing and the actions it can take to further itself” It’s a bit more clear.

Be Real

Not to get too soft on you but your vision should come from the heart. It should mean something to you, and not sound like something others want to hear. Again, world peace sounds cool, but is it your vision? Do you homie.

Categories to think about

So when people think of visions sometimes the think too broadly. Visions don’t have to be broad. I like specific ones, ones where it’s clear on how to take some action to get started. One way you can do that is thing of specific categories. Here are some to jog your brain:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Wealth
  • Experiences
  • Character - you as a person
  • Accomplishments
  • Contributions to the world
  • Things that make you happy / things you love to do - this could be video games, could be sports

Next step is to define for one category (or more if you about that life) what you want that to look like - this can be daunting - so think 3,6,12,18 months.



So I have a vision for this company and where I want it to go and how I’d like it to nudge this world hurling through space in the right direction, but let’s take it back for a bit.

About a year ago before I had a product or even a sketch of an idea I knew i wanted to create this workbook using techniques and tools I’ve used in the past. I had a vision of this workbook, creating it from scratch, turning it into a business, and eventually making sales on Amazon. Again, I had nothing but an idea and a vision but it was enough to give me clarity and direction. Fast Forward a year and here I am, sold out of workbooks, about to release (the new and improved) second version. Vision became reality.

Note my vision was in that 6,12,18 range.; and it had some specificity to it. It wasn’t a general view stretched to 30 years from now. Not that those are bad, but it’s good to have a smaller actionable vision.

Do  (hint: this is the most important part)

Giraffe’s are cool and they don’t get as much credit as they deserve. The coolest thing about giraffes are is they’re tall. And with that height and they can see super far - they have vision. But they’re feet are always on the ground ready to move. Be the giraffe - see the vision, but keep the feet planted on the ground ready to take action.

So if you have a vision, and maybe thought through it into 6, 12, 18, months what’s the next step? Break it down further and take action - take those first steps. This is the most important part!

Even a 3 month milestone could be daunting so you know what to do - keep breaking it down.

When you have the 3 month mark, think about what you can achieve in 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks. Set goals. Define what you’re doing this week. What’s the plan for next week?

And take action! What are you doing today? What did you do today? What are you doing tomorrow?

Let’s get it!



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