Are You A Pen Paper Person or the Tappity Tap Tap Type?

It's A Printed Book I Swear!

A lot of people are always curious about my idea to create a physical workbook. Every time I describe what I created and no matter how many times I mention "it's a printed book you hold in your hand" and no matter how many "I have to go to the printer to pick up the workbooks" or "man I learned a lot about paper making this" they always ask: "So it's not an app? I don't download it??"

Nah bro, why would I go to a printer to pick up an app??
[nick cannon huh]

It's followed up with some sort of "so you're not a digital guy? I like pen and paper too" And it couldn't be further from the truth. I grew up on the internet, love gifs and texting, and spent a good chunk of my life working in the tech industry. I love tech and love digital tools. I'd be a robot if I could.

Paper and Apps are the new Peanut Butter And Jelly

I don't think it's either or - digital and physical complement each other quite well imo. I just didn't find a tool to help me structure my week and keep my on track like the Snowball workbook. And there's something about taking time out from the digital space and working analog that feels so right. I also love that I can easily flip through pages and see my progress quite easily.

Digital Tools I Use To Assist In Getting Things Done

Anyways - here are some digital tools I use that complement the Snowball book and yes I'm an Apple guy so I use a lot of the default apps):
Calendar: Nothing beats having a calendar to plan my day.
Reminders (the Apple app) - For quick thoughts and items I need to remember I love the reminders app. The best part is the location awareness - "remind me to pick up bananas when I arrive at the grocery store"
Apple Notes - my go to subway ride home thoughts app. I tried them all and love the simplicity of Notes.
Wunderlist - for the minutia of day to day I love a simple to do list app. Great for small details and action items like 'pay bills' or 'email so and so back' Speaking of which:
Email - duh. Inbox by google sweep feature is money.
Trello - project management

Worth a mention: A few more apps I like that don't directly jive with Snowball workbook. But since I'm here might as well talk about other apps I use
Social apps - double duh. Facebook, Instagram are cool. I love Snapchat and think it's underrated (you can follow my personal account there) Twitter is great for news and convos with random. Swarm so people know i beez in the trap. Foursquare to make sure I get the good eats.
Tidal - music is life. I used to use Apple Music a lot but the extra content in Tidal is fantastic. 
Apple Podcast app - Gary V, Joe Budden, Brilliant Idiots, ESPN, ayyyyy
Audible - just got into this but so far I'm digging the idea of listening to books. I stare at a screen all day so it's nice to give my eyes a break.
Amazon Prime Now - I can get toilet paper delivered in less than 2 hours. Ayyyy
Seamless - I need to stop.
Messages - for texting mom and lit group chats.


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