The Goal Planner Based On The Snowball Effect

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The Sweet Science

Big Picture In Mind

Simple Goal Tracking

Small Goals. Big Change.

Like A P.R.O.

Weekly Summary

Week In Review


All the Features

Covers 16 weeks. Each week has: 

Four columns of goal tracking with five goal blocks per column 

A Weekly Summary section 

A Week In Review section;

Two pages of notes. 

In addition there is a high level 16 week tracker at the end of the book

The workbook also comes with a protective cover, solid Wire-O biding, and is lightweight and compact at 5in x 5in makes it easy to travel with.

Still Have Any Questions?

Feel free to use the chatbox on this page with any questions or if something is not clear. It goes straight to my phone and I'll get back to you as soon as possible

-Cole, Snowball creator.

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