A Goal Planner Based On The Snowball Effect.


The Sweet Science

Small Goals. Big Change.

P.R.O. Level

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A System For Success

This workbook includes a lot more features to help you become successful. Influenced by entrepreneurs and startups. Take a look at the rest below.

Simple Goal Tracking

Big Picture In Mind

Crush Goals Like A P.R.O.

Weekly Summary

Week In Review




All the Features

Covers 16 weeks. Each week has: 

Four columns of goal tracking with five goal blocks per column 

A Weekly Summary section 

A Week In Review section;

Two pages of notes. 

In addition there is a high level 16 week tracker at the end of the book

The workbook also comes with a protective cover, solid Wire-O biding, and is lightweight and compact at 5in x 5in makes it easy to travel with.

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How To Plan Goals With Snowball

How to Fill Out The Snowball Goal Planner by snowball on Jumprope.